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Hafizuddin Sharif

A software engineer with a passion to share knowledge.

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You can call me Sharif. It's a pleasure to meet you 😎

I have been a software developer for almost 3 years now. I am very interested in web design and also teaching people how to code on the internet. I always loved to learn new tech and using it in one of my projects.


HTMLCSSJavaScriptTailwind CSSReactBootstrap





Projects that I did

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Covid-19 Tracker   

A React web app that allows you to know the total number of confirmed cases based on the selected countries. This app was built using React, COVID-19 API, Bootstrap, and deployed on Vercel.

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Personal Blog   

A blog I created where I practice my writing skills and share my interest in computer science and technologies. I also place my sources for my Youtube here. This blog was built using Ghost CMS, deployed on DigitalOcean and written fully in Malay.

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Report System   

An online report system for a local Malaysian school that allows the user to do reports on damage on items in the school. This app was built using Vanilla JS, Express as the back-end, SQL as the database, deployed on Heroku.

I share my knowledge on Youtube

Growing up without knowing what Computer Science is and how Programming works, I decided to create a Youtube channel to help people understand what they actually were in my mother tongue.

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